The Lessons from Founders

Hi everyone,

My 89 years old Grandma passed away last week and I had a chance to think about life and lessons she left me with. 

My grandparents were cousins who right after WWII moved to Shizuoka, right at the foot of Mt. Fuji where there was nothing. No house, no water, no electricity, no road, no car, no nothing. They cut down trees, built a small house on it, milked a few cows, grew vegetables, drank rain water, took the occasional drum can take a bath. They walked miles and miles to sell milk and vegetables and raised three kids. I grew up where they worked so hard to build. Through her 89 years of life my grandmother influenced hundreds and thousands of people directly or indirectly. At the end of her life, even though her body was tired, old and skinny as bone and skin, her life was filled with greatness and warmth. 

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Please remember whoever you work with, no matter if they are customers, clients or colleagues, you are influencing their lives and others who touch their lives. You are already part of their lives. 

Our milestone as Wahl+Case


I've been with Wahl+Case since 2010 and was fortunate to witness the company grow to where we are today. That’s why I made a milestone chart and share with you, to see how we had been impacting people's lives. 

A lot more things happened during this time, but these are some of our major milestones that took us where we are. As you can see from this, we continues to be innovative, supporting the startup community, evolving, and now getting closer to go IPO. Even though we are no longer a startup company, the spirit and values are still alive and carried by us all, led by our CEO, Casey. 

How? Other than his books and movie, I had a chance to help out with some things Casey did recently. He never talks about them so I'm using this opportunity to share :)

  • NHK Radio: Casey talks about various topics around startups and entrepreneurship every month to educate and encourage Japanese listeners who are interested in startups. 


(You can listen to the recording if you miss it)

  • TOKYO FM: Casey was on a 4 day Tokyo FM series earlier this month. Again, he was talking about startups for university students.

TOKYO FM 未来授業 (You can listen to the recording here)

  • Shizuoka City Industry-University Exchange Center: They listened to NHK radio last month, got excited and went out right away to buy Casey's book, read it and then asked Casey to do a seminar in Shizuoka for business owners and people who are interested in startups.


These are only a few recent ones. He has spoken at various schools over the past years. 

Thanks for reading!


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