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The app “Spacework” helps you find one-day jobs. It was officially released in September 2017, and registrations have exceeded 10,000 as of August 2018. The app is run by the company Spacelook. Representative Reo Taniguchi found the company when he was 17, and continues to take on new challenges to achieve his mission of “promoting a new way of working to the world”. Spacelook itself is a pioneer of a new corporate structure. (Part 2)

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At Wahl & Case, we are out to solve the problems of employment. For job-seekers, that means we want to help you find a job that is the best possible fit for you, a position in which you stay motivated, engaged, and productive. We want you to savor your work. And that’s why we are introducing our new, free service for all of our new opportunity seekers: Attuned Motivator Reports.

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