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The secret behind one startup’s success in raising total funds of ¥260 million ($2.6 million)

2016 was called the first year of Virtual Reality (VR). It was the year head-mounted displays such as Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, PlayStation VR hit the market successively. The core characteristic of VR is in its intense immersion, widely used in games and entertainment, and it is now even spreading to the architecture and medical field.

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With Arcade for Tech Professionals, we wanted to create event that is more fun than other networking parties and provides a piece of extra value to our guests. The feedback we got for the first Arcade was encouraging (“I’ve been to many start-up events in Japan, but this is the first one where I thought I’m in San Francisco again!”) So, for the second edition of our series, we used the similar recipe but added more of the good stuff! Read more

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