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Wahl and Case New Brand Image Launched

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TOKYO (Dec 16, 2016) – The team at Wahl and Case was ecstatic to launch its rebranded image this week. We have a new logo and a new website to better represent who we are and what we do.

At this time we also successfully completed the acquisition of Justa, Japan’s leading talent platform for startups, from Red Brick Ventures. This week Justa also re-launched their website with a new lush look, and a more fulfilling user experience.For our new brand image we worked very closely with Cream, to get to the heart of what Wahl and Case stands for. Everyone at the company is super happy with the result. It’s energy to keep driving the company forward. Talking to our clients and candidates, as well as in depth internal interviews, Cream identified Wahl and Case to be “Forward-Looking”, “Tech-Oriented”, “Value Driven”, and “Consultative”. As well Wahl and Case was differentiated by the unique, high-level experience that we offered. Combing our core strength of delivering a superior experience with the core characteristics a new brand image and website are created.

At the launch of the re-brand Casey, CEO of Wahl and Case stated, “We founded our company 6.5 years ago, and we’ve done a very good job in many ways – we have great people, amazing client partnerships, and a strong reputation in tech recruitment, but we haven’t always done a good job telling our own story. Now with Cream’s help we have been able to have a brand image that gets to the roots of who we are. Our new image, along with the relaunch of the Wahl and Case website, Justa’s website, and the launch of Jinny our AI Chatbot for interview arrangements marks the beginning of the next stage of our journey. We will continue to be leaders for tech industry recruitment, but going forward we will also be introducing more tech in to our recruitment processes as well creating new digital services that help solve major recruiting problems. Exciting times here at the new Wahl and Case.”

As a group we look forward to driving recruitment in to the future – creating a better experience for our candidates and clients. We are very thankful for all of you in our Wahl and Case community. Let’s innovate the recruitment industry together.

About Wahl and Case

Wahl and Case was founded in 2010 with a purpose: to bring back the respect the recruitment industry deserves. There is nothing more important than people to building companies, but the industry has self-inflicted a poor image. The recruitment industry was stale, and ripe for what we had to offer: Wahl and Case was created to deliver the absolute best recruitment experience possible, while always looking to innovate. We quickly became leaders of the local tech recruitment scene, finding a particular affinity with startups. Nowadays we cover ad tech, consumer, enterprise and fin tech, as well as having a superb engineering and creative practice. The company has one rule: do what’s in the best interests of our candidates and clients, always. We have no other rules. That is our mission. Please visit www.wahlandcase.com.

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