Wahl & Case launches world-first smart survey tool under new brand Attuned









The Tokyo-based recruitment firm introduces upgraded version of its award-winning people analytics software at HR Tech World Congress in Amsterdam.

 TOKYO (OCT 24, 2017) – Wahl & Case, a leading Tokyo-based tech recruitment firm, is launching a cutting-edge people analytics tool, enabling companies to engage and retain top talent amid intensifying global competition for digital talent. “Attuned” debuts today at the HR Tech World Congress in Amsterdam.

A previous iteration of the tool, FLOW, has won awards at the HR Tech World Congress in London and the Wharton People Analytics Conference in Philadelphia.

Attuned is the world’s first smart survey tool. It retains all of FLOW’s strengths and its powerful engine, but serves a wider variety of use cases with a dramatically improved user experience.

A pulse survey tool on steroids, Attuned both personalizes the engagement survey experience for employees and predicts turnover risk using machine-learning algorithms.

With Attuned, companies can

  • Quantify their organizational culture to see what makes their teams aligned and what makes them diverse, and to understand subtle differences across teams and offices
  • Learn what drives their team members by way of a 10-minute onboarding assessment, delivered in a relatable and entertaining way
  • See employee engagement levels real-time with Attuned’s smart survey module, which sends employees six personalized pulse survey questions every two weeks based on their individual motivational profiles
  • Prevent unwanted turnover risk with Attuned’s machine learning algorithms, trained on outcome data to predict attrition risk in each team while highlighting the reasons for potential turnover

Attuned’s launch is a critical step toward our strategic goal- to utilize digital innovation to fix the recruitment industry, globally,” said Wahl & Case CEO Casey Wahl. “It accentuates our ever-accelerating transition into a digital company, as does the recent addition of CIO Mattias Hallberg to our board. He brings two decades of experience from Rakuten and other leading technology firms to help take our digital initiatives to the next level.”

“With automation on the rise, workplaces everywhere are expected to face serious disruption in the next decades. It is our hope that by helping to create and manage psychological diversity in the workplace, Attuned can support companies and people around the world in maximizing opportunities and minimizing frustrations in these challenging times,” added Attuned’s director, Daniel Bodonyi.

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Daniel Bodonyi
Director, Attuned

Kelly Kikuchi
Marketing Manager, Wahl and Case