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Wahl and Case Did It Again – The VR Arcade for Tech Professionals 2

With Arcade for Tech Professionals, we wanted to create event that is more fun than other networking parties and provides a piece of extra value to our guests. The feedback we got for the first Arcade was encouraging (“I’ve been to many start-up events in Japan, but this is the first one where I thought I’m in San Francisco again!”) So, for the second edition of our series, we used the similar recipe but added more of the good stuff!

On September 7th, around 45 IT and Engineering professionals from all over Tokyo mixed with our consultants at the Wahl and Case HQ in Harajuku. In the VR arena, people immersed in the dense WWII atmosphere of Front Defense, chasing the high score while their friends had as much fun laughing at their moves and taking videos. Our “real world table” had the analogue game version of our predictive people analytics tool FLOW, which allowed guests to assess and explore their motivation at work.

The star of the evening was certainly special guest speaker Sandeep Casi, who made eyes shine with anecdotes of his time at Lucasfilm. Back in the day, he and his team brought the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and Jabba the Hut in Star Wars to life. His unique insights on the development of Virtual Reality was fascinating and sometimes surprising – we learned that VR started long before the current trend and already has various applications outside consumer electronics. At the end of his presentation, Sandeep gave an outlook on future developments that let engineers dream about the Holo Deck from the Star Trek series. The audience was so engaged that the following Q&A session had to be cut short to fit the event schedule.

But enough of the introduction. Let’s see how our team experienced the event.


Victor Head of Product

I loved Sandeep’s presentation and everyone was truly engaged with his talk. I’m glad I had the chance to learn about the origins of VR from someone who actually helped building it.


Tao Consultant

Everyone here had a common background of being in tech or being interested in VR, but there were designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and more. It was great to see our candidates mingling with one another in our office where they don’t normally get to see, enjoying drinks and playing games. Many people were fascinated and interested in FLOW after the demonstration and that felt good. It’s also always nice to speak to candidates outside of work in a casual setting. Hope to do it again soon!


Takuma Sales Associate 

I was impressed by the presentation and that the attendees asked a lot of questions about the VR industry. Also, the attendees talked to each other and were sharing a lot of informations about their work at startups. I really want to expand this community at Wahl and Case and JUSTA so that everyone can know more about startups and the Japanese working culture.


Shuhei Team Leader

I enjoyed seeing people having fun at this event with networking, VR, and FLOW. It was great to see that towards the end of event, people came up to me to say how much they enjoyed this party. Further, the attendees had similar working background so it was easy for everyone to get along!


Sam Community Associate 

My favourite moment was watching the guests enjoying themselves with the VR and learning that Lucasfilm developed Photoshop!


Nancy Consultant

It was very exciting to experience the new technology of VR and learn more about the different backgrounds of the guests.
Discussions with game designers and developers gave me more ideas on new trends and how people see games as their passion and hobby.


More Arcades for Tech professionals will follow soon! Join our event community on Facebook to stay updated on future events.