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smart.cv is getting ready to rumble!

smart.cv, the AI resume formatting solution for recruiters, has entered its second development phase – just as scheduled. Our AI algorithm has significantly improved in accuracy and already gets 90% of the extracted information from PDF formatted CVs right.


Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy

After working on the information extraction, our development team is now focusing on the final bit of overall accuracy, aiming at a level that will match human performance –  but just taking a fraction of the time.


The AI is hungry

In this stage we are “feeding” hundreds of resumes to smart.cv, letting the AI learn and improve by itself. With every resume the program gets a little bit better and accurate – and that’s the beauty of our AI-based approach.


Exciting times are ahead

In preparation for launch, we will enter an extensive internal testing phase from May and then let our recruiters try it out. Finally, we will  tweak the interface to make the user experience even better and get smart.cv ready for you.


Read here how smart.cv will change the game for recruiters.


Please spread the word – time is scarce for everybody, and smart.cv might be able to save time not only for you but also your colleagues and other recruiters!