Privacy Policy

Wahl & Case K.K.
CEO Casey Wahl
Established July 24, 2015


Wahl & Case’s goal is to provide the highest level of service. We treat the protection of our customers’ personal information as matter of the upmost importance. Below is our privacy policy which is enforced consistently.

  • Wahl & Case will specify the purpose of use where possible and only gather data by the appropriate methods.
  • Wahl & Case will not use personal information outside of the scope of the specified purpose of use, and only with the consent of the customer concerned.
  • Wahl & Case will follow all regulations and government policy as well as other rules regarding privacy policy.
  • Wahl & Case will take proper and necessary procedure to prevent and correct any breaches, loss, or damage of personal information for security management.
  • Wahl & Case will not share personal information with a third party without consent except when required by law.
  • Wahl & Case will respond to any complaints or inquiries regarding personal information in a timely, sincere and proper method.
  • Wahl & Case will review the personal information management system continuously with consideration to changes within the company environmental.


Treatment of Personal Information

Purpose of use

Wahl & Case will gather and use personal information to provide recruitment services (introduction of roles, provision to clients, management of roles, compliance with related regulation) and other actions related to the above. In addition, when Wahl & Case outsources part or all of the business to a third party, we will enter into an NDA contract and monitor all actions of the third party.


Providing to Third Party

Wahl & Case will not share any personal information to a third party without consent, except in the following cases where personal information may be disclosed without your consent within the scope and not contrary to the relevant laws and regulations.

  • When necessary for the protection of human life, body, or property; and there are difficulties in obtaining consent.
  • When necessary for the improvement of public health or promoting the sound development of children; and there are difficulties in obtaining consent.
  • When it is necessary to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by the laws and regulations of a national institution or a local public entity or a person receiving consignment thereof; and the process of obtaining consent risks interference with due process.


Shared Use

Wahl & Case will share personal information with companies within the Wahl and Case Group by the proper methods to achieve the above purposes.

ItemsName, Address, Phone number, Email Address, Information contained within Resumes, Business card information, etc
ManagerWahl & Case K.K.
MethodsOral consultation by interview and/or phone, exchange of business cards, acquisition of electronic data by email and/or website, Paper documents such as Resumes


Procedures for disclosing personal information

The Principal or Agent responsible for Wahl & Case complaints and inquires POC shall notify and disclose the purpose of use, correct, add or delete contents, suspend or eliminate, and prohibit the sharing of information with a third party.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

Wahl & Case reserves the right to change the privacy policy as necessary by revising the policy on our website except in the case of conflict with established law and regulation. Customers using our service one month after the revision to our website are understood to have agreed to the policy change.


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