CEO of KAKEHASHI, Mr.Yutaka Nakao

What is the best way to resolve issues surrounding Japanese Medical Care? KAKEHASHI was created in 2016 to revolutionize “drug stores” for the medical field. The company is focused on developing an innovative system called “Musubi”, which would allow pharmacists to access medical records electronically. Read more

―― You have conducted research into the composition theory from an information science perspective, and you are also very knowledgeable in the Arts. What role does an interdisciplinary background play in modern research and development?

In society there is one “correct” answer that has been determined by another human or by a group consensus, and you can experience a peaceful life living according to that answer, or you can wear yourself out by constantly opposing that “correct” answer, and from a creative perspective, innovation is born amidst the clash between the “answer” and it’s opposition, and history is made by repeating this clash. Read more