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At The Forefront Of Talent And Tech Part 2: Jinny

Meet Jinny, our newest innovation to join the Wahl and Case family. Jinny is a Chatbot to schedule interviews. We’ve developed her using the most cutting-edge AI Japan has to offer. A Demo Video of Jinny can be found on our Digital Solutions page.

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Introducing Jinny

The recruiting industry is witnessing interesting times. The process of traditional business models and working patterns breaking down and being replaced by fresh ideas and their implementation has gradually been accelerating. As part of the digital revolution, recruiting companies have a big chance to get rid of their old image and reposition themselves as innovative agencies.

Compared to traditional recruiters, that are solely focused on sales and dependent on the network and communication skills of their consultants, Wahl & Case has implemented a more tech-savvy approach to business. Not only are 80% of our clients in the Tech industry, but Wahl & Case as a company is part of the Tech-industry, well represented by our subsidiaries Justa and FLOW. 

Just like FLOW, our core business, Wahl & Case, is dedicated to creating long-lasting employer-employee relationships based on productive communication.  In accordance with this, this year we have decided to take it to the next level and integrate the latest technology trends on offer into our core business functions. Together with our business partner and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology specialist Cinnamon, we are developing our first ever Chatbot “Jinny”, who will improve the efficiency of our consultants and improve customer service. We believe that an intelligent mix of humans and technology is the future of our business.

Who is Jinny?

Jinny, born 2016 in Vietnam, is a computer program based on AI that is designed to simulate a conversation with a human. In short you can say she is humanized technology. Her job is to act as an intermediary between clients and candidates and, more concretely, take over the time-consuming and energy-intensive process of scheduling interviews.

On average, it takes at least 3 to 5 attempts just to find suitable time slots for both clients and job seekers, which means a lot of back and forth for our consultants. This translates to roughly 30 minutes or more to schedule a single interview. Multiply this by the number of interviews Wahl & Case consultants schedule every day and you have hundreds of hours every month wasted in basic administrative tasks – time that could be spent in much better ways. Our consultants have often voiced the fact that they would rather spend those extra hours on the more important part of their job: consulting with clients and advising candidates.

Jinny can become an employee with immense value and infinite potential. Not limited by the boundaries of the human brain, she will continuously learn and develop. Working closely together with our consultants, they will become an unstoppable combination designed to revolutionize the industry.

Imagine a consultant who is always there – contact her at any time and she will reply. Even if you wake her up in the middle of the night, she will be polite and willing to help you. Moreover you don’t have to wait for a response. Our consultants can only talk to one person at a time but Jinny doesn’t have these limitations. No waiting time, no call-backs, no redirecting. That is customer service in 2016.

How does Jinny work?

Currently Jinny is only available on the Line Application, but there are plans to release her on other platforms as well, like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. In the current version she is only available to our English-speaking customers, but our developers are currently working on a Japanese version as well.

To get started the first thing to do is add Jinny to your Line friends. Then you can start chatting with her to schedule or change any of your interviews. Once the client and candidate agree on a date and time, Jinny automatically sends a calendar invite by email to both sides. She can even send reminders the day before the interview.

The details of the technology used to make all this happen would exceed the scope of this article, but in short Jinny is built on 3 main modules: Intent Recognizer, Entity Recognizer, Behavior Manager. The Intent Recognizer is responsible for the prediction of the users’ intention. Based on the users’ input, Jinny knows what actions to take afterwards. This is the most important module because it reflects her intelligence level. She understands the users’ needs. The Entity Recognizer reads parameters in the users’ message and extracts the necessary information like date, time or place. Finally, the Behavior Manager updates the status of the dialogue and takes appropriate actions, for example sending an email when the interview is set.   

In summary, Jinny takes over communications with both parties separately and coordinates available meeting times to allow both sides to agree quickly and easily on a specific date and time.

A Demo Video of Jinny can be found on our Digital Solutions page.
Part 3 of this Series will focus on Justa, Japan’s premiere Startups Job Board that aims to nurture the Japanese Startup ecosystem and connect bring together startups in Japan and highly-qualified individuals from all over the globe, coming soon!