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Last Tuesday, Code Chrysalis and Wahl & Case co-hosted an event “Creating Opportunities out of Failures” featuring Casey Wahl, Founder and CEO of Wahl & Case and Masa Nakatsu, founder and Ex-CEO of Orb. Yan Fan, CTO and co-founder of Code Chrysalis led the panel discussion as we explored inspirations, hardships and insights from the startup founders at different stages of their startup journey.

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With Arcade for Tech Professionals, we wanted to create event that is more fun than other networking parties and provides a piece of extra value to our guests. The feedback we got for the first Arcade was encouraging (“I’ve been to many start-up events in Japan, but this is the first one where I thought I’m in San Francisco again!”) So, for the second edition of our series, we used the similar recipe but added more of the good stuff! Read more