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How referrals power our successful partnership with a top European unicorn

This European-based company is a privately held global payments company that doubled revenues in 2015 to $350 million and is now Europe’s sixth-most highly valuated tech business at $2.3 billion.

Growth Challenge: Think Globally, Hire Locally

The Company opened their San Francisco office three years ago and have quickly expanded their team to over 50 staff, including some transplants from Amsterdam HQ and a crew of locally hired professionals. Like any smart global business looking to bolster a foreign branch, they leveraged their internal referral network first before turning to a local search firm. Recruiting remotely from Europe, the Company had a pivotal question to answer: “Who can we trust in the U.S. market to both understand our culture and satisfy our hiring goals?”

Wahl and Case’s Network Runs Deep

We were recommended to the Company’s global recruitment leader by another tech recruiter, who our founder & CEO had met while hiring for the Wahl and Case San Francisco office. They asked us on two occasions to source local candidates. We identified several strong candidates that made it to final interview stages, but the Company was able to leverage their referral network to close the positions.

However, the Company was extremely happy with our service levels and shortly thereafter came to us seeking an Implementation Manager. We arranged another meeting to better understand the hiring manager, his team and the open role, in order to conduct a successful search. Search timing is also key: we spoke with a referral candidate from Google the next day, sent to us by another candidate we met nine months earlier who was also recommended to us. We quickly determined he was an ideal fit for the Implementation Manager role both technically and culturally, and he recognized it as a company where he could leverage his skills, learn new ones and make an impact. Hired.

We’ve since formed a close and trusting partnership with the Company, successfully introducing three great candidates for critical roles, with solid candidate pipelines in place for a number of other roles. We visit their San Francisco office regularly and now know the local team well. Additionally, we continue to interact with the recruitment team in Europe, keeping everyone on the same page despite challenging time differences.

Key Takeaways

Customer referrals are like gold, and reflect your service quality. The best referral candidates rarely engage with recruiters, so our clients gain access to these stellar and often inaccessible professionals. In an industry where customer service and customer satisfaction are sorely lacking, this case demonstrates how people remember when you treat them right. Once trust is established through consistent service levels, these customers will also introduce colleagues and friends.

Currently, we can attribute 37.4 % of our revenue to our referral network. In addition, being a global startup ourselves, Wahl and Case understands the key challenges of growing a business, as well as establishing and expanding overseas branch offices. From global startups looking to establish and grow their US branch office to US-based startups in hyper-growth mode, Wahl and Case is a consistent and trusted partner with local expertise in two of the most challenging job markets in the world, the Bay Area and Japan.

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