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Helping a New-Style Bakery Build a Digital Team from Scratch

The Situation

BAKE Inc. is a unique food startup determined to add new value to the bakery trade. That includes incorporating technology into the food business, which is why the company needs top engineers to join its team. BAKE wants to satisfy its customers by being particular about all aspects of design, service and technology. The company’s customizable PICTCAKE service, for example, has made it easy to order photo cakes, which was previously time consuming.

Hiring Engineers for a Nontech Client

Wahl and Case’s industry expertise, experience and vast network were all vital in sourcing talent for BAKE, which is building its digital team from scratch. We have experience building tech teams for various clients from those with no tech base to those that are decidedly tech-intensive. Our tight relationships with our candidates bring us plenty of recommendations from contacts. Not surprisingly, the candidate in this case came to us via another engineer.

Tell Us What You Need

We communicate with both clients and candidates intensively to ensure that expectations on both sides are realistic before heading into meetings. Yoshihisa Haruyama at BAKE was well aware of the challenges facing his company as a nonengineering company building a tech team from scratch.

“It was really tough to hire talented engineers because we were not a tech company or a tech-related startup, and because we have fewer holidays due to the nature of the food industry,” he says. “Moreover, we only hire S or A talent who have a passion for the food business. The first thing Wahl and Case did was to understand our business completely and how we were planning to use the technology. After that, they began to reach out to engineers with a real interest in food-related IT, not only within Japan but also globally.”

From Candidate to Client

Haruyama already knew Wahl and Case—we had previously scouted him for a head of marketing role. “The team that supported me then was really fantastic,” he says. “I had no doubt about working with the Wahl and Case team to hire top engineering talent. We had lots of interviews and finally hired two engineers—a mobile app engineer, and a backend engineer from Taiwan. We are still looking to hire more talent, and look forward to working with Wahl and Case again to source those people.”

Key Takeaways

It’s essential to tailor searches to identify candidates that are interested in product and team buildup, in this case a rather specialized business not known for attracting or needing tech experts.

Also key is grasping the vision and mission of the company to ensure that candidates come in highly motivated from the start.

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