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Persuading a Candidate to Make a Radical Switch in Industries

The Situation

Vectra Networks is a California-based network security startup offering a fully automated real-time threat detection platform to defend again cyberattacks. We were recommended to Vectra’s design team and learned that they needed help locating their first visual/user interface designer.

Precise Requirements for a Complex Industry

Vectra is in a complex industry with complex products, and they were looking for someone with very specific capabilities. They needed a specialist who could take ownership of their brand identity with strong web-based visual design and data visualization expertise and could also explore the realms of gamification and blue-sky thinking.

Tapping Into Our Gaming Network

Wahl and Case has an extensive web of contacts in the gaming industry and a lot of experience at placing people in it. When we came across Helen ?, she was a senior user interface artist in the gaming industry who had worked for a number of successful gaming companies across mobile, web and console. We really listened closely to the client and the candidate; it’s not easy to pitch a B2B company to someone in gaming and vice versa.

Making a Major Transition Smooth

Helen was looking to transition out of gaming, which is not easy to do. She also didn’t have a clear idea of what industries she wanted to target. Working for a network security company was not something she had seriously considered, but after learning more about what Vectra was looking for and how her skills would translate, she was ready to hear more.

After meeting Vectra’s team, it was clear that this was the perfect transition for Helen—they really needed her visual expertise, and she would be able to branch out into SaaS. Vectra is also a stable company with small teams, which was a perfect fit for her culturally. Helen is now a lead visual designer at Vectra in her second year.

Incidentally, Vectra reached out again a few months later to ask us to source a UX designer, a position we ended up filling as well.

Key Takeaways

It is crucial to build solid relationships with clients that go beyond the job description and industry. We were able to work closely with Vectra to fully understand the projects they had on tap and why certain profiles were more interesting than others. Helen’s profile wasn’t the most obvious target if we didn’t know the client well, and Vectra wasn’t the most logical client to present to Helen if we hadn’t clearly assessed what she was interested in.

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