Case Study

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Digital Transformation for a Global Restaurant Business

The Situation

McDonald’s Japan needed a game-changing team to innovate and digitalize their business in Japan, and in particular to transform their customer engagement strategy and give their market perception here a facelift. The food giant had been searching for almost a year to identify someone who could fill a crucial lead position on the team and meet its extremely diverse requirements.

The Candidate

We introduced Eisuke Watanabe, who has been both a hiring client and a job-seeking candidate through Wahl & Case. Eisuke has the assertive mindset crucial to leading and fostering change in a mature organization in the ultra-competitive retail food sector. Internationally minded and with experience in enterprise, consumer marketing mobile apps and big data consulting, Eisuke had worked at several high-profile foreign-affiliated tech companies. His CV included major-league corporate experience as well as stints at fast-growing mid-sized organizations and startups.

The Outcome

Eisuke received multiple offers, but chose McDonald’s primarily because of the scale and challenge the company presented in terms of transaction data and customer engagement across multiple channels. Also he was interested in working for McDonald’s Japan because of the great and fun-loving people he met through interview process and the customer oriented culture the company values on. Competing with elite talent, he seized a high-profile opportunity that will propel his career to even greater heights. He currently enjoys building an innovative and better customer experience in-restaurant and on digital with a great team of talents.

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