Why Rent an External Space for Business Meetings?



Every meeting offers an excellent opportunity to hold productive discussions that can foster the growth of your business. Therefore, you need to choose a tranquil and conducive environment to meet your clients, conduct training sessions, or even hold off-site business meetings.Recently, Mr. Takuya Umeda from Spacee, a company providing meeting space renting services, did a presentation in our office about the offerings of their company.Here are four main reasons we identified on the importance of hiring an external meeting room for your business or other endeavors.

  1. Escape the hustle and bustle of office environment

“Most of our customers do not have enough meeting space in their offices, and depend on us to deliver a relaxed meeting environment”, Takuya said.Developing competitive strategies for the growth of your business is not easy. Therefore, when holding important meetings, you need to be in a quiet and relaxed place away from the familiar busyness and distraction of the normal office environment.Renting an external space for a business meeting can also help you craft creative ideas more effectively. The usual office environment is normally filled with interruptions that can prevent you from successfully doing your best work. Those interruptions may end up costing you not just time, but also money.Furthermore, taking your staff out of their day-to-day work environment can help push them out of the inattentiveness and monotony that can arise from daily operations. Moving them to a new environment to brainstorm about key issues can greatly bolster the effectiveness of strategy sessions, and boost the competitive edge of your business.

  1. Assist to reduce business expenses

Most small businesses do not regularly need a meeting room. As such, limiting that cost to only the necessary occasions can result in significant savings.You can save a great deal of money by renting a meeting room only when needed rather than paying for that expense continuously. According to Takuya, “A professional conference room is usually very expensive to maintain”.Usually, businesses only need a meeting room for a few hours each week, or perhaps only once per month. In that case, renting a meeting room for only the required hours can generate considerable savings, as it helps keep costs to a minimum.Worth mentioning, renting an external meeting room for a business meeting will give a better professional environment than a local café or Starbucks. “I think it’s good to have a service that increases the professional appeal of your business”, Takuya mentioned.Furthermore, “If a business has a good meeting room, which sometimes is used and sometimes is not used, it can be rented out to other users, instead of lying idle. This way, they can make profit out of it, and save on business costs”, Takuya emphasized.

  1. Access to facilities –get more than just a “meeting room”

Renting an external space for business meetings can give you access to an extensive range of beneficial facilities. For instance, most meeting places in Tokyo that Spacee advertises on its website have fully-equipped reception services, robust IT systems and support, and outstanding video conferencing capabilities.With these added perks, your business meetings will be more productive. “Currently, we have more than 1,000 facilities inside Tokyo, and some outside Tokyo, with sufficient facilities to offer the best meeting places”, Takuya said.

  1. Get enough space for your needs

Meeting rooms usually come in various sizes and with a wide range of facilities; thus, you can book the room that fits your needs and budget for that particular time.Some meeting rooms can handle ten or twenty individuals, while others can be expanded to fit upwards of several hundred participants, depending on your needs. “Most of our clients rent out rooms that can be expanded to meet diverse needs”, Takuya asserted.This flexibility can save your business money, and help to provide the assurance that you'll be able to offer professional services.Regardless of your needs and the number of people attending your meeting, your meeting room provider of choice can help ensure you have enough space and facilities for exactly what you need, allowing your deliberations to occur naturally and conveniently at minimal cost to your business.ConclusionRenting an external space for business meetings can greatly improve your productivity, efficiency, and professionalism.When you need every little detail to speak on the quality of your business, skimping carelessly on meeting spaces can greatly hurt your bottom line.Renting a good external meeting room can be just the statement your business needs to make.