New at Wahl+Case Tokyo and SF: Find Your Best Job Fit with Attuned Motivator Reports

At Wahl+Case, we are out to solve the problems of employment. For job-seekers, that means we want to help you find a job that is the best possible fit for you, a position in which you stay motivated, engaged, and productive. We want you to savor your work. And that’s why we are introducing our new, free service for all of our new opportunity seekers: Attuned Motivator Reports.

Attuned Helps Find and Keep the Job You Love

Thought you wanted the corner office? Got the big salary but feeling slightly uninspired? Perhaps financial needs and status are less important to you than a more hands on approach to management with a high level feedback from both sides.Do team dinners make you crackle with energy, while your co-worker excels in the office but skips most every team outing? Social relationships might be one of your strongest motivators.These are examples of differences in intrinsic motivation.Attuned Motivator Reports give you exclusive insights to your intrinsic motivators, allowing you to identify with clarity (and with data):• what kind of environment and culture you would thrive in• what kind of situations and tasks keep you motivated and engaged• why you've struggled in some situations in the past• new vocabulary to articulate your needs withYou’ll be less likely to be a victim of miswanting when it comes to your career, and more empowered to maximize your own potential.

What is Attuned?

Attuned is a scientifically- validated SaaS tool developed by Wahl+Case to increase engagement and promote the best cultural fit. Currently used by companies on three continents, it harnesses the power of intrinsic motivation to comprise a suite of functions that together help companies attract, engage and keep their talent. (Learn more here).Neither a personality test nor a behavior assessment, Attuned measures the values you carry within you that are most closely linked to motivation. These are the values that decide WHY you work.The Attuned Motivator Profile is the first step and most integral piece of Attuned. And now we are offering it as a part of the consultation services we offer all our qualified* job-seekers.

How it Works

Each person receives their unique Attuned Motivator Profile immediately after completing a 15-minute online assessment. The assessment was developed by a team of psychologists to map 11 key motivators.Attuned’s algorithm ranks what matters most to you against the 1000s of others who have taken the assessment to produce a percentile profile.Most important to consider are anything in your NEEDS TO HAVE range. The scores here tell you the most-- what you MUST have at work to stay motivated and engaged.The profile also comes with a detailed report focusing on what kinds of environments, positions and management styles you are mostly likely to thrive in or struggle with.Armed with this knowledge, you can stay focused on what drives you and use a more precise language when communicating with employers about who you are and what you can do--in short, it will help you find a job that’s a great fit for you.Learn more about Attuned here.

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