Increasing Chances of Conception Through Lifestyle Support: Famione (Part 1)


According to the "15th Research Study on Birthrate Trends" conducted by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (IPSS) in 2015, about 1 in 6 couples face struggles when it comes to changing their lifestyle to increase their chances of conception. However, for many people, the problem isn't as straightforward as undergoing fertility treatments; the problem also includes doubt, anxiety, and stress when they face suggested changes in their daily lifestyles. In hope of tackling this issue Famione was established in June of 2015, with a vision to "support couples who wish to have children" by tackling the problem of conception through provision of both medical and personal advice. Ishikawa Yusuke, Famione's founder and managing director, shares with us about FLIPP (a personal support service for women who wish to conceive), the company's plans for the future, and their background.

--Can you tell us about Famione's history?

I started the company because of my personal experience with trying to conceive. Both my wife and I had no idea what steps we should take to increase our chances of conceiving a child, nor who we could talk to about our doubts and fears. That was when I wished there was a system in place which could help us by providing either personalized support so we could make informed decisions as a couple, or advice and support from medical experts. Back then, I was also working as a business developer in a company that runs a specialist site for healthcare providers. As I was considering ideas for new businesses, I wanted to provide a service which supported people like myself, so I chose to make it in to a reality.

--The beta-version of FLIPP, the support service for women who wish to conceive, personalized to suit their lifestyles, has been launched. Can you tell us more about the service?

FLIPP is a personal support service for women, as well as couples, who wish to condition their minds and bodies for conception. With the advent of the Internet, there is a vast amount of information available about conception, pregnancy, and how to increase one's chances, including hospital recommendations, medical procedures, price comparisons, and more. However, nobody knows which article to believe, nor which of the recommendations are suitable for their own situation. There are many women who are faced with this problem.Thus, FLIPP offers a free "conception analysis" which gives a personalized diagnosis based on each woman's lifestyle. In addition, members get a catered package of products sent to their home monthly. This includes supplements and food products that aid conception, as well as written content material written by professionals. It provides support so women can adjust to a lifestyle that increases their chance of conception in a safe and effective manner. Continue to Part 2 Here.