How Much Are You Worth?: Average Salaries in the IT Industry

Do you know how much you’re worth?An untouchable subject — do you know how much your colleagues make? How much YOU are worth in the Japanese market?photo by Nick YoungsonThe more important your position is, the higher your pay is ? Not necessarily.  Salary can be one of the indicators on how much a company values you and your skill set.Instead of actually asking your colleagues how much the make and fueling a riot, we’ve done that for all those nosey employees out there. Wahl and Case now reveals average sales and marketing salaries defined by position, age, and language ability based on the data collected from our clients. Find out where you (or where you should) stand on the dollar scale. Stay tuned for more insider information on the tech scene here on our blog! ** blank spots in the graphic reflect insufficient sample size

Here is our data based on language ability.Sales


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