Attuned Tackles Japanese Labor Shortage With Localized Employee Engagement Tool

Daniel Bodonyi

Daniel Bodonyi

Attuned Includes Japan Localized Version of Internationally-Recognized Engagement Tool in New Premium Model ReleaseAttuned takes on the challenge of Japan’s worst labor shortage in 40 years with a Japanese language version of its cutting edge engagement tool.With a jobless rate of 2.8% and 2.41 new job postings for each job seeker, Japan’s candidate desert is a serious threat to continued economic growth.  Employee engagement is absolutely critical for employers to retain top talent as domestic enterprise wages remain nearly stagnant. In a slowly reforming culture of lifetime employment, many managers' skills and experience with keeping employees engaged are underdeveloped--leaving them ill-equipped to tackle the new threat levels of unwanted turnover and resultant opportunity costs. "Study after study has found that engaged employees and teams perform better, take more initiative, and behave more innovatively. This, in turn, leads to a measurable increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, sales, and profitability. Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work and the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For consistently and notably outperform the overall stock market. As our parent company is based in Japan, we have seen first hand how it's imperative for Japanese enterprise to leverage these skills in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace,” says Attuned creator and head of R & D Daniel Bodonyi.Attuned is the world’s first smart survey tool, infusing the pulse survey with a powerful AI engine, serving a wider variety of use cases with a sleek and easy-to-navigate user experience.Attuned both personalizes the engagement survey experience for employees and predicts turnover risk using machine-learning algorithms.With Attuned, companies can

  • Quantify their organizational culture to see what makes their teams aligned and what makes them diverse, and to understand subtle differences across teams and offices

  • Learn what drives their team members by way of a 10-minute onboarding assessment, delivered in a relatable and entertaining way

  • See employee engagement levels real-time with Attuned’s smart survey module, which sends employees six personalized pulse survey questions every two weeks based on their individual motivational profiles

  • Prevent unwanted turnoverrisk with Attuned’s machine learning algorithms, trained on outcome data to predict attrition risk in each team while highlighting the reasons for potential turnover

  • Get actionable advice based on cutting edge research and best practices from the leading companies in the world

“With 70% of Japanese companies facing labor shortages, we truly believe Attuned will make a meaningful contribution to the culture of employment engagement across a wide range of industries,” says Mattias Hallberg, head of Attuned and CIO of  Wahl & Case. Attuned also brings Wahl & Case a huge step closer to our larger strategic goal of fixing recruitment globally by utilizing technological innovation.”Attuned's innovative blend of years of psychological research and AI has led to recognition by some of the top players in the field, Wharton People Analytics Conference and the  UNLEASH Conference, in 2017.*********Many of the innovators featured on our blog have discovered their work motivators with Attuned.   Check out profiles for Shinichiro Kai of Folio, Takahiro Miyasaka of BONX and Hajime Kuwayama of Emotion Intelligence to get started.

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