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Wahl and Case Brings You One Step Closer to the Holodeck

Virtual Reality has become one of those catch phrases that you hear so often that it can’t really excite anyone anymore. Well, at least until you try out the actual device.

Only then can you realize the fascination of VR and see  the eyes of grown men shine like those of little boys on Christmas Eve. Ever since the Holodeck on Picard’s Enterprise,  we’ve been fascinated by the idea of creating and experiencing virtual worlds– ultimate form of digital entertainment. And now, we’re closer to that experience than ever before. Like actually, really close.

— Wahl and Case Arcade for Tech Professionals: https://www.wahlandcase.com/arcade/ —

The current trend of head-mounted display devices kicked off with the Oculus Rift 2012 Kickstarter campaign. The device allows the players to visually immerse into a virtual world with your point of view being translated into the simulation. The Oculus offers a stationary VR experience, having player navigate across the room using a joystick or other input devices.

Other devices like the HTC Vive allow users to freely walk around a play area, with their real-life motion reflected in the VR environment. Using 360-degree tracking equipment such as infrared sensors, the VR system monitors the user’s movement in all directions, and translating it into the virtual world in real-time giving the player freedom to perform tasks such as walking across a room and picking up a key from a table, using natural movements.

In 2016 at least 230 companies developed VR-related products, led by Sony, HTC/Valve, Google and Facebook (by now owner of Oculus) with their own VR models. Haptic interfaces and wireless headsets currently in development are bound to bring VR from the merely realistic to the hyperreal.

Are you hyped yet? Either way, now’s the time to get your hands on VR and try it out yourself! Next Thursday, August 3rd,  Wahl and Case Tokyo offers you the chance to do just that at our  Arcade for Tech Professionals- Sales and Marketing event.

The exclusive evening is a unique opportunity to try out the latest VR tech as well as network with a select group of Tokyo’s premier sales and marketing pros and our own expert consultants while enjoying refreshments in an arcade like atmosphere. Also on offer are career-boosting gaming tables featuring the FLOW motivator assessment tool and a special lecture by one of the top marketing creatives in the Tokyo-area market today. Check our event page for details and make sure to apply for your spot now.*       https://www.wahlandcase.com/arcade/


We’ll see you and a glimpse of the future there.


*Space is limited to 25 guests. All applicants are subject to screening.