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Excitement and Fun at our Arcade for Tech Professionals Event!

Nearly 40 guests, key players in sales and marketing functions across Tokyo, convened at our Shibuya HQ  on August 3rd for vol. 1 of our event series  Arcade for Tech Professionals.

Together with more than 10 of our consultants, guests enjoyed an evening of networking, learning, investigating and VR gaming with the HTC Vive!

Guest speaker Abdullah al-Khatib (co-founder of The 10th Floor and Marketing Creative Director at Mercari) was also on hand to give us the inside low-down on the design process and how to make interactions with creatives a more fruitful experience.

In the VR corner, guests were flung into the war zone of Front Defense, with our top scoring guest, Andrew, walking away with the grand prize, two sets of tickets to VR Zone Shinjuku.

Analog gaming provided thought-provoking insight into what makes us do what we do well, utilizing our exclusive motivator assessment tool, FLOW.

Thank you so much to all of our esteemed guests for a great night!

Here’s how our team saw it go down:

Chad   Director

It was quite a lot of fun to see people really getting into the VR games. Watching people let their guard down and act a bit silly really helped make the event fun and different than a standard networking party. Typical events can be a bit stuffy and this was really the opposite of that.


Matt    Team Leader, Consultant – Digital Media and Ad Tech

I was conducting an analog version of the FLOW test and it was much more popular than expected. People were flocking over and we didn’t have nearly enough materials for everyone. People eventually finished and after hearing their results and seeing their motivators everyone was laughing and smiling and really seemed to enjoy it and felt it was quite accurate.


Milos    Team Leader, Consultant- Enterprise Tech

I talked with several guests and my favorite moment was when they realize that our event wasn’t just about VR Tech, but that was general networking event and that we used VR for playing cool games. Some of the new faces might have come to network with VR vendors and in the first 10 seconds of our conversation, I could sense the slightest twinge of  disappointment. But then, when we started talking about all that we are trying to accomplish with tech implementation in recruitment, as well as when they saw somebody playing VR, they were immediately  hooked. One of our guests told me: “I’ve been to many start-up events in Japan, but this is the first one where I thought I am in San Francisco again!”  It was exciting to see so many different people with various tech backgrounds in the same place having a good time.


Naoki   Consultant –  Financial Technology



Yuna   Sourcing Associate

The presentation, especially the part about  providing designers with as much information as possible, actually reminded me of the days I was working with web designers at previous job. It made me wonder if I was good client or not… (probably I was the best client because I gave every information and time as they asked!)


Sam    Community Associate

Was asked about recruitment and what it’s like. I told him that it was a lot of listening; listening to the experiences of another as well as what they may be looking for and I enjoy it.

Candidate asked for wine, and told me “It was a bad day today.”

I told him, “I feel you bro, here, have some more,” and poured him a full cup.


Codey   Associate -Enterprise Technology

The experience last week was great, I got to mingle with a lot of people from different industry and heard very interesting stories about their work/life. The VR video game was good too, in attracting people who’ve never experienced it, helping to energize the lively, young, exciting group of fun people. The time put into preparing and launching the was definitely worth it!


Volume  II  of our Arcade for Tech Professionals, aimed at engaging engineers, is scheduled for September 7th!  Contact kelly@wahlandcase.com for details on how to apply.