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Attuned.ai Employee Engagement Tool

Attuned’s mission is to make the latest people analytics research and technology accessible to startups and mid-sized companies. Its products combine psychological testing with machine learning to help companies hire, engage and retain great talent. Based in Berlin, the business unit works with psychologists, data scientists and AI engineers to deliver agile solutions to companies that need incisive talent insights at speed.

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Justa is an online marketplace that bring together startups in Japan and highly-qualified individuals from all over the globe. Justa's mission is to grow the startup ecosystem in Japan, specifically by solving the problem of recruitment for startups. Justa has created a successful job board, spurring on a growing Tokyo startup community, and in 2017 will be heavily investing in AI to give an awesome experience for Japan's hiring startups and those that want to join them.

Meet Jinny, our newest innovation to join the Wahl and Case family. Jinny is a Chatbot to schedule interviews. We've developed her using the most cutting-edge AI Japan has to offer. Jinny makes it super convenient to arrange interviews between our candidates and clients. Let’s say Company A wants to interview Candidate B, we connect them to Jinny, and she interacts with them over LINE or other SMS tools to arrange an interview. It’s super convenient, can be used anywhere, at any time, has full language understanding (she gets what we actually say) and will cut down on errors. Jinny will also attend to the details: prep candidates on what to wear, send the map to the interview, reminders, the latest news - so candidates arrive to the interview focused and fully prepared. Jinny’s influence lets our Consultants do more of what they do best – introduce and place the best tech talent in the world.