About Us

Tokyo-based Wahl and Case specializes in discovering, placing, and retaining the best tech talent for the most innovative companies. We’re damn good at it. Our expertise, extensive networks and deep, deep relations with innovative companies, especially startups, allow us to deliver world class value, again and again.

Wahl and Case was founded in 2010 with a purpose: to bring back the respect the recruitment industry deserves. There is nothing more important than people to building companies, but the industry has self-inflicted a poor image. The recruitment industry was stale, and ripe for what we had to offer: Wahl and Case was created to deliver the absolute best recruitment experience possible, while always looking to innovate. We quickly became leaders of the local tech recruitment scene, finding a particular affinity with startups. Nowadays we cover ad tech, consumer, enterprise and fin tech, as well as having a superb engineering and creative practice. The company has one rule: do what’s in the best interests of our candidates and clients, always. We have no other rules. That is our mission.

A couple years in to our journey, we opened an office in San Francisco off the back of client requests. Today we have even more requests from our clients to help them expand internationally, and we expect many more office openings in the years to come.

Wahl and Case is a recognized industry thought leader with a team that’s diverse in every way. We may be different inside, as well as out, but we are a tribe of wonderful people with good hearts, working to change the recruitment industry every day. We love what we do.